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You have to replace the sealedkey in the downloaded save
with your own sealedkey which you can get by
backing up a save of your game
and then taking your OWN backed up sealedkey
and putting it inside the downloaded savegame in sce_sys folder


Some games require special work to get the save working :

A comment from NijiBashira on https://github.com/d3m3vilurr/vita-savemgr/issues/4

I asked about this on GBATemp and got this answer :
"The physical version of this game saves on grw0. The patch is also located in grw0.
Usually, to dump save, the save manager replaces the patch in ux0. But in this case, grw0 patch is started first.
So you need to manually copy the save manager patch from ux0 to grw0. Then, restart the game: the save manager should start instead.
Once you get your save, don't forget to put back the original patch in grw0."
So what I did is :
Start Vita-savemgr and select Muramasa (with the cartridge inserted)
Once Muramasa starts normally, exit and close it.
Start Vita Shell and go to grw0:patch/
Go to ux0:patch/ and copy the PCSE00240 folder
Paste it in grw0:patch/
Start the game, the dumper should start
Once you're done, restore the grw0:patch/PCSE00240 folder to the backup you made.
Notes :
I only tested this on Muramasa, so I don't know if it'd work for other games.
PCSE00240 is the Title ID of the US version of Muramasa. It will be different for other versions of the game and (obviously) other games.

How to make trophies work again with new savegame :

A comment from szczuru on https://github.com/d3m3vilurr/vita-savemgr/issues/31

I've figured it out!
Just deleted all Uncharted saves from vita,
started new game and saved (everything was done on new profile).
Save dumped via Save Manager and replaced all files in SLOT0/slot_000
with files from old save (from previous profile).
So sce_sys was from new profile and everything else was from old profile
- now i can earn trophies :D

A comment from Cinnamon on : https://gbatemp.net/threads/turn-off-you-cannot-have-trophies-with-this-application.447445/

Do this to remove this warning and be able to gain trophies again. This also works if you want to transfer saves from an account to another.
1. Use Vita Save Manager to export the save of the game you want to fix.
2. Open the save in Vitashell and enter the folder sce_sys.
3. Delete everything except sdslot.dat.
4. Open ux0/user/00/savedata and delete the save for the game you want to fix.
5. Import the save again. Even though it the slot may look empty, the save is still there.
6. Run the game!
(7). Export the save again just to have a fixed backup and make Vita Save Manager see the save. (Optional)